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Burn Fat With Food

Every diet is a key component to losing weight, getting fit, and feeling better.  There are many different routes you can take to establish your diet, but there are a few key foods that can and should be added to help burn fat.  Here is a great starting list of those foods:

  • Whole grains – Your body has to work harder to burn down whole grains, especially those high in fiber.  Use these grains to burn more calories
  • Lean Meat – Just like whole grains, your body spends a lot of energy breaking them down.  The usual amount is around 30%
  • Green Tea – There are several studies that have been produced about weight loss and green tea.  There is a known compound in green tea that raises metabolism after being sipped.  Drink a few cups a day and you’ll be losing weight in no time!
  • Lentils – lentils pack a huge amount of iron and a lot of the general population are iron-deficient.  If you’re currently low on iron and start eating lentils, your metabolism will rise due to your body running more efficiently.
  • Hot Peppers and Hot Food – Hot food and spices heat up your body and cause it to burn calories.  Putting hot sauce and cayenne on eggs, meat, and other foods can add that small kick to calories.

Although these foods won’t cause you to hit that weight you’ve always been looking for, it is definitely a great start.  Burn extra calories just from what you eat!