How to avoid staining your teeth!

You’ve finally got those pearly white teeth that the white strips promised! Now how to you maintain that and prevent your teeth from getting stained? We’ve got some expert dental advice that isn’t oh so surprising. Most dentists will recommend very similar tactics to what you’ll read in this post.

We have four tips/tactics today that dentists, Sylvester Family Dental recommend to prevent staining teeth

  1. Brush Mid-day. A lot of people brush after breakfast but then don’t again until bed time. In between that there’s lunch, dinner, possibly coffee or soda and snacks. There is hours for that plaque to start decaying your teeth and bringing back the yellow, brown or black! Sometimes this can be challenging because most people have work and school. Having a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste bottle and a small bottle of mouthwash at your desk or locker can be a huge teeth saver in the long run.
  2. Watch what foods you eat! There are certain types of food and drinks that are much more dangerous to the color of your teeth than others. Here are some examples of what to avoid. Soda, Coffee, Wine, Tea, many berries especially blueberries are known to stain quickly. Try to be careful on consuming these regularly. Make sure to clean sooner than later after you finish any of these.
  3. Avoid other types of non-food products that can damage teeth. Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco can both stain teeth and damage your body much further beyond just that.
  4. Sip through a straw! If you can’t avoid drinking soda, Straws are great for avoiding some of the contact made with your teeth.