Heart and Oral Health Connected

Studies over the past few years have shown a connection with heart disease and poor oral health.  These studies have linked moderate or advanced periodontal disease with a higher likelihood of heart disease.  Although there has been a link between the two, they have not been established as causation for one another.  In other words, having gum disease won’t instantly increase your chance of heart disease.

There are a few risk factors that contribute to both diseases which may or may not be the reasoning between the linking.  These factors include:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Being male

Prevention is the best medicine in both cases.  Having great oral hygiene as well as consistent and steady workout regime and nutrition will lead to a much longer life.  Some great prevention methods for oral health include:

  • Brushing multiple times a day, don’t forget the gum line
  • Flossing daily to reach spots your toothbrush will miss
  • Using mouth rinse daily can reduce plaque up to 20%
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco, this also relates to heart health
  • Eat a healthy well rounded diet.  Nutrients are incredibly important for oral health as well as heart health.

If you have any questions on other methods to prevent heart and oral/gum disease contact your local dentist and make sure to have annual checkups.  If you live in the Central Illinois and are looking for dentists in Springfield IL, then check out Modern Dental.